Sunroom Soy Candles

Sunroom is a handcrafted soy candle brand based in sunny South Africa. Each candle fragrance draws on a scent attached to a time of day or stage of the sun, created to bring light into any space.

For this brand, we wanted to create something that was slightly ethereal and soft, drawing in on how certain moments in the sun make us feel – warm, romantic, relaxed.

QT Plumbing and Construction

QT Plumbing and Construction Portfolio

Quentin and Tom of QT Plumbing and Construction joined forces in 2020 to deliver high-quality plumbing and construction services to Cape Town residents. We worked on building their digital presence complete with all-new visual branding. With bold branding and a clean layout, their website not only reflects their professionalism but creates a seamless experience for their clients to quickly get in touch.

Dream to Africa Travel

Dream to Africa Travel Website

This project was an absolute dream (excuse the pun)! Leticia, the powerhouse behind Dream to Africa Travel, wanted branding and a website that was vibrant, inspirational and reflected her personality.

Mobi Yogi

Holy Moly Creative Studio Portfolio Mobi Yogi

When Kelly contacted us to redesign her website and help with her YouTube channel, we did a little excited jiggle! Holy moly, it’s been a fun journey creating a website that speaks to Mobi Yogi as a brand. From the calming, natural colour palette to the beautiful imagery, Mobi Yogi was an absolute dream to work with.